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Bonus payments

Bonuses are paid to a bank account. If you haven't added it yet, please follow these steps:

  • Sign into the website.
  • Go to your profile and navigate to 'My Account.'
  • Select 'Bank Information' to add your Bank Account information.


Here is additional information about bonuses and payments:

You have earned a bonus but haven't provided a bank account yet.

Any amount available on your AR balance will be paid with the next bonus if there is a bank account registered in the system. An Amway Business Owner can also request a manual payout by contacting Customer Service.


The bank account that you used to receive bonuses has been closed.

Please communicate it to Amway within working 5 days about the new bank account by sending an email to Contact Service.


Pay the debt visible on balance statement?
If there is debt on your current balance, it will be automatically added to your next order or can be paid via a bank transfer. If you decide to pay the debt via a bank transfer, please add your ABO number to the payment description.






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