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Troubleshooting Bonus Payments

Bonuses are transferred to your bank account by the 15th working day of every month. The exact date may vary slightly depending on weekends and public holidays, but we strive to maintain this schedule.

If you have not received your bonus, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify Bank Account Details:
    • Go to your Profile and select "Bank Information".
    • Ensure the correct bank account details are provided to Amway.
    • If you need to update your details, send an email to Customer Service with the correct information.
  2. Check Your Bank Account Status: 
    • Confirm with your bank that the account is still open and active.
  3. Confirm Bonus Amount:
    • Ensure the bonus amount earned this month is above the threshold of 5 EUR. You can check the bonus amount earned in "Electronic Bonus Statement" in "My Office".

If your bank account is open, correctly updated with Amway, and the bonus amount exceeds the threshold, please contact Customer Service by email for further assistance.  

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